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SHANGHAI HJ INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS LTD is established at 2014. our company is main focus on Russia, Latvija,Belarus and Turkey business.

Our HQ office is located at SHANGHAI  We delivery over 10000FFE CNTE per year from China to Baltic Country and Turkey. 

We have 2 warehouse at China, SHANGHAI and Ningbo,.   SHANGHAI wareohuse over 10000 Square Meter and ningbo over 5000 Square Meter. Turcking over 30 at shanghai and ningbo over 18. 

Operating principle: we aim to be pragmatic, innovative, efficient and harmonious. We constantly enhance our core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, create value for customers, respect and training talents, so as to build the company into a modern comprehensive logistics enterprise with international competitiveness, and realize the maximum benefits of shareholders

Room 315A Red Wall Buliding, No.1481 Gonghexin  Road,Shanghai, China Tel.: (86) 21 62500067
4th Floor, office building, No.183, Chun He Road,Yueyang Industrial Park,Shanghai 200941, P.R.China Tel: 13761996663